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Carbon Black

Carbon Black


What's Carbon Black

Carbon black is a form of amorphous carbon that is produced through the incomplete combustion or thermal decomposition of hydrocarbon-based materials. It is widely used as a pigment and reinforcing filler in various industries, including rubber, plastics, inks, coatings, and tires.

Carbon black is known for its deep black color and high tinting strength, which makes it an excellent choice for achieving intense, dark hues. It has a fine particle size and a large surface area, allowing it to efficiently absorb and scatter light, resulting in a strong black color appearance.

It's worth noting that the particle size and surface area of carbon black can vary, leading to different properties and applications. Different grades of carbon black are available to meet specific requirements in different industries.In conclusion, carbon black is a versatile and widely used form of amorphous carbon.


Four indicators
Nitrogen adsorption specific surface area
The determination result of the specific surface area of nitrogen adsorption represents the surface area per gram of carbon black, and the larger the specific surface area, the higher the blackness, but it is easy to aggregate and difficult to disperse.
Oil absorption value
It is an indicator to measure the compatibility and affinity of pigments and oils. The higher the oil absorption value, the stronger the pigment's ability to adsorb oil. Carbon black pigments with higher oil absorption value can be better dissolved and dispersed with oil-based substrates, thereby improving the dispersion and stability of pigments in paints, inks, inks and other coatings. In addition, the oil absorption value can also affect the color saturation and hiding power of carbon black pigment. In general, the higher the oil absorption value, the higher the color saturation of the pigment, the better the hiding power.
Dispersion has a direct impact on its performance in various applications. Excellent dispersion improves mechanical properties and durability of the product. The dispersion index of carbon black is an important index to measure the dispersion property of carbon black materials, which is closely related to the surface properties of carbon black. It is necessary to control the preparation and processing of carbon black to ensure the excellent performance of its final application.
Volatile value
The lower volatile value means that the content of volatile substances in the pigment is low, the stability is better, and it is not easy to volatilize during use. This is important for certain application scenarios, such as coatings, inks and other products that require high stability, which can ensure the stability and durability of the pigment. In addition, the lower volatile value also helps to reduce environmental pollution. However, for inkjet printing, a higher volatile value may be more ideal because it can help the ink dry quickly and improve printing speed.
The relationship between the four indicators
          Nitrogen adsorption                   specific surface area
 Oil absorption value
Volatile value
Greater value
Lower oil absorption
Less dispersed
Less volatile
Smaller value
Higher oil absorption
More dispersed
More volatile

Carbon Black

DescriptionMOQ More
Carbon black 8182Carbon black 8182Carbon Black 8182 for Plastic - Quality Carbon black, Flexible Wholesale & ODM.1
Fine black 1181Fine black 1181Carbon Black 1181 for Paint - Quality Carbon black, Flexible Wholesale & ODM.1
Fine black 5110Fine black 5110High-Quality Carbon Black-Fine Black 5110 for Ink - ODM, Wholesale Offers, Sample Available.1
Fine black 1180Fine black 1180Fine Black1180,Good coloring strength, good fluidity and color adhesion.1
In the field of ink, carbon black has a very high covering strength and chroma, and has good dispersion, can be evenly dispersed in the ink, it has good performance, is better coating performance of the ink, but also has good light stability and heat resistance to maintain stability, and has high hardness and wear resistance, can improve the durability of printed matter and scratch resistance.
In the field of industrial coatings, carbon black has high chroma and hiding power, and has good weather resistance and wear resistance to protect the substrate under the coating, increase the hardness and wear resistance of the coating, improve its weather resistance and durability, carbon black has good light stability, and is not easy to fade or deteriorate.
Carbon black is widely used in plastics, and carbon black can be used to adjust the color of plastic products to provide black or dark gray effects. It can also enhance the strength and hardness of plastic products, make plastic products more durable and wear-resistant, it has good weather resistance and electrical conductivity, flame retardant in line with the corresponding safety standards.

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