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Fine Black 5110-Carbon Black-25th, December, 2023

Fine Black 5110-Carbon Black-25th, December, 2023

Dec 25,2023

                                                                                                Fine Black 5110-Carbon Black

Nice day!

Today I will introduce Fine Black 5110 to you,as follows:

Fine Black 5110:

Fine Black 5110 is a powdered carbon black. It has excellent performance and is widely used. 

The characteristics of Fine Black 5110 include:

1.Has a high concentration of this change and pigment, so that the water-based ink to obtain uniform, bright black.

2.Good dispersion performance can ensure that ink pigments are evenly distributed in water-based media to obtain stable ink color and performance

3.In the water-based ink has good stability, not easy to precipitate or separate. This helps to extend the service life of the ink and maintain the consistency of the ink

4.The use of carbon black in water-based ink can increase the durability of the ink, making it more resistant to ultraviolet light and chemical corrosion

5.In the water-based color paste has good stability, not easy to precipitate or separation. This is very important for the long-term storage and use of the color paste, which can maintain the consistency and stability of the color paste.

The application of Fine Black 5110 include:

1. Suitable for high concentration water-based color paste, printing ink, color masterbatch and industrial coatings

2. Widely used in the field of packaging and printing, can also be used in food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, etc

3. Publishing and printing, advertising signs, paper printing, medical packaging, offset printing and other fields are also widely used, such as indoor and outdoor billboards, drug labels and so on

4. Water-based color paste can also be used in architectural coatings, such as wall coatings, wood coatings, etc. Industrial coatings are generally used in automotive paint, Marine paint, etc

Fine Black 5110:

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It is a powder carbon black product that can provide good color brightness, coverability and durability, and meet the requirements of environmental protection

All in all, Fine Black 5110 has excellent properties and a wide range of applications. It is a high-performance Carbon Black.

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