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Organic and Inorganic Pigments

Inorganic Pigment

Fineland Chem is a leading inorganic color pigment supplier. We offer large range of inorganic pigments and complex inorganic color pigments in the industry. Our high performance inorganic color pigments outperform others in opacity, ease of dispersion, long-lasting color, high heat fastness, light, weather and chemical resistance with no bleeding or pigment migration. Suitable for a wide range of applications including paints, coatings, plastics, ceramics, and construction materials.

Fluorescent pigment

Fluorescent pigments are materials that absorb energy in certain wavelengths and emit light in different wavelengths, usually producing a bright and colorful effect. It has excellent safety performance, high stability and reliability. The main component of this pigment is fluorescent dyes, which usually have high brightness and higher reflected light intensity than ordinary pigments and dyes, making them bright and eye-catching.

Carbon Black

Carbon black is a form of amorphous carbon that is produced through the incomplete combustion or thermal decomposition of hydrocarbon-based materials. It is widely used as a pigment and reinforcing filler in various industries, including rubber, plastics, inks, coatings, and tires.Carbon black is known for its deep black color and high tinting strength, which makes it an excellent choice for achieving intense, dark hues. It has a fine particle size and a large surface area, allowing it to efficiently absorb and scatter light, resulting in a strong black color appearance.In the rubber industry, carbon black is commonly used to enhance the mechanical properties of rubber products, such as tensile strength, tear resistance, and abrasion resistance. It helps to improve the durability and longevity of rubber goods, including automobile tires, belts, hoses, and seals.In the coatings and inks industry, carbon black is used as a pigment to provide black coloration and opacity. It offers good UV stability, weather resistance, and chemical resistance, making it suitable for outdoor applications and long-lasting coatings.Carbon black is also utilized in plastics to provide color, increase conductivity, and improve mechanical properties. Additionally, it is used in the production of electrodes for batteries and as a pigment in printing inks due to its excellent dispersion properties and color stability.It's worth noting that the particle size and surface area of carbon black can vary, leading to different properties and applications. Different grades of carbon black are available to meet specific requirements in different industries.In conclusion, carbon black is a versatile and widely used form of amorphous carbon. It provides deep black coloration, enhances the properties of rubber and plastic products, and serves as a pigment in various applications, making it an essential component in many industries.

Titanium Dioxide

Titanium dioxide (TiO2) is a white, inorganic compound that is widely used as a pigment and opacifying agent in various industries. It is known for its excellent opacity, brightness, and whiteness. Titanium dioxide is chemically stable, non-to, and has lowactivity with other chemicals, making it suitable for numerous applications.Titanium dioxide is commonly used as a white pigment in paints, coatings, plastics, and papers. It provides high hiding power, allowing it to effectively cover underlying surfaces and provide a vibrant, clean appearance. Its brightness and reflectivity also contribute to its use in cosmetics, such as sunscreens and personal care products, where it offers protection against harmful UV rays.In addition to its pigmentation properties, titanium dioxide is a popular choice for its photocatalytic and self-cleaning abilities. When exposed to ultraviolet light, it can break down organic pollutants and remove stains from surfaces.Titanium dioxide is also used as a filler in the production of plastics, rubber, and ceramics. It improves the mechanical properties of these materials, enhances their durability, and provides resistance to heat and UV radiation. Titanium dioxide is available in various forms, including rutile and anatase, with different crystal structures that affect its optical and physical properties. Manufacturers can select the appropriate form based on the desired application and specific requirements.In summary, titanium dioxide is a versatile white pigment widely used in paints, coatings, plastics, cosmetics, and other industries. It offers exceptional opacity, brightness, and photocatalytic properties making it an essential component in many everyday products.

Solvent Dye

Solvent dyes are a type of colorant that is soluble in organic solvents. They are commonly used to add color to various materials, including plastics, fibers, coatings, inks, and fuels Solvent dyes offer excellent color strength, transparency, and stability, making them suitable for applications where vibrant and long-lasting colors are desired. Unlike pigments, which are insoluble particles, solvent dyes dissolve completely in solvents, resulting in a transparent or translucent color. This property allows for the creation of a wide range of shades and hues. Solvent dyes can be classified into different categories based on their chemical structure and application, such as azo dyes, anthraquinone dyes, and metal complex dyes. Solvent dyes are commonly used in industries like automotive, textiles, and printing, where they can be applied through various methods such as immersion, spray, or dip coating. They provide excellent color retention and resistance to fading, even under exposure to sunlight or harsh environmental conditions. It's important to note that solvent dyes are specifically designed to dissolve in organic solvents and may not be suitable for all applications or materials. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully choose a solvent dye that is compatible with the intended medium or substrate. In summary, solvent dyes are soluble colorants that offer vibrant and stable colors for a wide range of applications. Their solubility in organic solvents makes them versatile and suitable for various industries where transparency and color intensity are desired.
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