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Fluorescent pigment

Fluorescent pigment

Fluorescent pigment is a type of colorant that exhibits the ability to emit visible light when exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light. Unlike traditional pigment that simply absorb and reflect light, fluorescent pigment absorb UV light and re-emit it at longer, visible wavelengths. This property creates a vibrant and often intense glow or fluorescence, making it popular in the life.

It can be used in diverse industries, including art and design, safety signage, security features for plastic and inks. Fluorescent pigment can create eye-catching and attention-grabbing effects, making it valuable in situations where visibility and visual impact are crucial.

The color emitted by fluorescent pigment is often different from the color of the absorbed UV light, leading to a broad range of possible colors. The versatility of fluorescent pigment makes it a popular choice for creating visually striking and memorable product.

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Why Fineland Pigment?
Environmental Advantages
Fineland fluorescent pigments do not contain organic volatile compounds, making them more environmentally and health-friendly, meeting the needs of modern society for sustainable development.
Adaptability and Customization
Fineland fluorescent pigments are suitable for different types of printing equipment and paper, providing flexible formula choices. At the same time, if customers have specific color or performance requirements, customized solutions can be provided.
Rich Experience
We have 15 years of experience in pigment manufacturing and extensive professional knowledge. Our pigments undergo strict quality control and testing to ensure bright colors, strong stability, and excellent printing results.
Technical Support and Cooperation
Fineland is willing to provide technical support to assist customers in solving problems in production, and provide training to ensure that customers can fully use the advantages of pigments.
Cost Effectiveness
Fineland has sufficient production capacity and proceeds a high-quality raw material supply chain to ensure high-quality pigments and stable supply. Has cost advantages, reasonable and competitive prices, saving costs for many clients.
Cooperation Opportunities
Fineland is always sincere to do business, would like to establish long-term cooperative relationships with customers, providing them with a continuous and stable pigment supply.
Fineland will try best to fully understand your pigment needs and concerns, providing targeted suggestions and information. Our sales team has relevant product knowledge with excellent service. Welcome to inquire from us! Contact us, find your reliable pigment supplier!
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Fluorescent pigments are materials that absorb energy in certain wavelengths and emit light in different wavelengths, usually producing a bright and colorful effect. It has excellent safety performance, high stability and reliability. The main component of this pigment is fluorescent dyes, which usually have high brightness and higher reflected light intensity than ordinary pigments and dyes, making them bright and eye-catching.

Fluorescent pigment

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