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Fine Black 8182-Carbon Black-9th, January, 2024

Fine Black 8182-Carbon Black-9th, January, 2024

Jan 9,2024

                                                                                                Fine Black 8182-Carbon Black

Good day!

Today I will introduce Fine Black 8182 to you,as follows:

Fine Black 8182:

Fine Black 8182 is a powdered carbon black. It has excellent performance and is widely used in plastic field. 

The characteristics of Fine Black 8182 include:

1. It can improve the hardness and strength of plastic products and make plastic products more durable.

2. It can increase the wear resistance of the plastic surface and make plastic products more durable.

3. It has conductive properties and can form a conductive network in plastics for components that need to conduct electricity in the electronic and electrical industry.

4. It can improve the weather resistance of plastic products, making them more resistant to ultraviolet rays, oxidation and other environmental factors.

5. It can make the plastic have good antistatic properties to avoid electrostatic accumulation and electrostatic discharge.

6. It can increase the absorption capacity of plastics to dyes, making plastic products more colorful.

7. It is a relatively cheap filler that can reduce the cost of plastic products.

8. It can improve the fluidity and fusibility of plastics, which is conducive to the processing and molding process of plastics.

The application of Fine Black 8182 include:

1. Automotive industry: Used in automotive parts manufacturing, such as tires, rubber seals, rubber pipes, etc.

2. Electronic and electrical industry: It plays a conductive and antistatic role in electronic and electrical products, such as wire and cable, electronic shell, etc.

3. Packaging industry: can enhance the wear resistance and anti-ultraviolet ability of plastic packaging materials, such as food packaging bags, plastic bottles, etc.

4. Construction industry: It can improve the weather resistance and anti-aging performance of plastic products, such as pipes, floors, window frames, etc.

5. Household goods industry: used to manufacture household goods, such as plastic furniture, kitchenware, bathroom equipment, etc.

6. Medical device industry: Used to manufacture medical devices, such as infusion tubes, medical syringes, etc.

Fine Black 8182:

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It is a powder carbon black product that can provide good color brightness, coverability and durability, and meet the requirements of environmental protection

All in all, Fine Black 8182 has excellent properties and a wide range of applications. It is a high-performance Carbon Black.

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