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Organic Pigment Yellow 12Organic Pigment Yellow 12Premium Organic Yellow Pigment for Offset Ink - Your Trusted Wholesale Supplier1
Organic Pigment Violet 3Organic Pigment Violet 3Pigment Violet 3, strong bluish violet color, mainly recommend for printing ink.1
Organic Pigment Yellow 174Organic Pigment Yellow 174PY174, new pigment in the recent market, high performance, it's good for offset ink.1
Organic Pigment Yellow 139Organic Pigment Yellow 139PY139, reddish yellow, excellent light and weather fastness, well used in automotive/refinish paint.1
Organic Pigment Yellow 154Organic Pigment Yellow 154PY154, high performance pigment, one of the most light-resistant and weather-resistant yellow varieties.1
Organic Pigment Yellow 151Organic Pigment Yellow 151PY151, greenish yellow, high performance pigment, ensuring a long-lasting and eye-catching appearance in automotive paint.1
Carbon black 8182Carbon black 8182Carbon Black 8182 for Plastic - Quality Carbon black, Flexible Wholesale & ODM.1
Organic Pigment Red 122Organic Pigment Red 122PR122, quinacridone pigment, high performance, good light/weather resistance, it's good for automotive paint and refinish.1
Fine black 1181Fine black 1181Carbon Black 1181 for Paint - Quality Carbon black, Flexible Wholesale & ODM.1
Fine black 5110Fine black 5110High-Quality Carbon Black-Fine Black 5110 for Ink - ODM, Wholesale Offers, Sample Available.1
Fine black 1180Fine black 1180Fine Black1180,Good coloring strength, good fluidity and color adhesion.1
Inorganic Pigment Brown 43Inorganic Pigment Brown 43Inorganic Pigment Brown 43 for printing ink, plastic, powder coating etc - Your Trusted Wholesale Supplier1

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One of leading pigment manufacturers in China. We provide one-stop pigment solution, Make Sure high-quality and valuable pigment on time and on budget.

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