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The introduction of Carbon Black--FINE BLACK

The introduction of Carbon Black--FINE BLACK

Jan 11,2024


What's Carbon Black

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In our initial impression of carbon black, it is black toner. Let's go deeper to understand that carbon black is a black powdered substance composed of carbon elements, usually from raw materials such as oil residue, natural gas or bituminous coal through high-temperature cracking, oxidation and heating reactions. The main component of carbon black is pure carbon, which also contains a small amount of hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, sulfur and other elements.
In carbon black, the specific surface area of nitrogen adsorption, the primary particle size of carbon black, the oil absorption value, volatile matter, dispersibility and PH value will affect the performance of carbon black products. These indicators are measured by instruments, the nitrogen adsorption specific surface area and the size of the primary particle size is inversely proportional, the larger the nitrogen adsorption specific surface area, the smaller the primary particle size, and vice versa, the increase in the nitrogen adsorption specific surface area will affect the blackness of the carbon black, the worse the dispersion, the lower the oil absorption value, the lower the viscosity,increased PH.

Therefore, the choice of carbon black products to consider the size of these indicators to choose more suitable for your needs, carbon black electrical conductivity and weather resistance, heat resistance are very good, the color is relatively stable, good durability, in the electronic and electrical industry is widely used in the manufacture of conductive rubber, conductive plastics, wire and cable and other products widely used. In addition, carbon black has a good hardness enhancement effect, can enhance the strength and hardness of plastics, rubber and other materials, improve its wear resistance and tensile properties. Carbon black also acts as a filler to increase the volume of materials, improve fluidity and processability, and reduce costs.
Carbon black has a wide range of applications, mainly used in the following fields:
1. Rubber industry: carbon black is an important additive for rubber products, which can be used to manufacture tires, rubber tubes, seals, rubber pads and so on. It can increase the strength, wear resistance and aging resistance of rubber.
2. Plastic industry: carbon black is widely used as a plastic enhancer and coloring agent, which can be used to manufacture plastic products, plastic films, wires and cables. It can improve the strength, hardness and electrical conductivity of plastics.
3. Ink industry: carbon black is an important raw material for manufacturing ink, which can be used in printing, packaging, writing and other fields. It can increase the ink concentration, blackness and printing performance.
4. Coating industry: carbon black can be used for the color and thickening of coatings to improve the durability and coverage of coatings.
5. Battery industry: Carbon black is widely used in the negative electrode materials of batteries, which can improve the conductivity and energy storage performance of batteries.
6. Adhesive industry: carbon black can be used as an adhesive filler to improve the adhesion and strength of the adhesive.
7. Sewage treatment: Carbon black can be used to adsorb, separate and remove pollutants such as organic matter and heavy metals in sewage.
8. Other fields: Carbon black can also be used in rubber and plastic products, textiles, rubber pipes, electronic components, food packaging materials, cosmetics and many other fields.

Our FINE BLACK carbon black is mainly used in industrial paint, automotive paint, powder coating, water-based color paste, water-based ink, offset ink, solvent ink, UV ink and other fields requiring high oxidation degree.
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