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CHINACOAT-Shanghai International Coatings Exhibition

CHINACOAT-Shanghai International Coatings Exhibition

Nov 22,2023

                                                 CHINACOAT-Shanghai International Coatings Exhibition

Have a good day

Fineland chem has always maintained an attitude of learning and development, broadening knowledge through various opportunities.

On the afternoon of November 17th, we came back from the exhibition. At this exhibition, we had friendly, relaxed and pleasant communication with customers.

Next i will introduce some of our basic hot-selling pigments to you:

1. Red Pigments:

   - Pigment Red 48:2

   - Pigment Red 48:3

   - Pigment Red 49:1

   - Pigment Red 53:1

   - Pigment Red 57:1

   - Pigment Red 170

   - Pigment Red 122

   - Pigment Red 254

2. Yellow Pigments:

   - Pigment Yellow 12

   - Pigment Yellow 13

   - Pigment Yellow 14

   - Pigment Yellow 17

   - Pigment Yellow 74

   - Pigment Yellow 83

3. Blue Pigments:

   - Pigment Blue 15:0

   - Pigment Blue 15:1

   - Pigment Blue 15:3

   - Pigment Blue 15:4

   - Pigment Blue 29

4. Green Pigments:

   - Pigment Green 7

5. Orange Pigments:

   - Pigment Orange 13

   - Pigment Orange 34

   - Pigment Orange 36

6. Violet/Purple Pigments:

   - Pigment Violet 23

7. Black Pigments:

   - Carbon Black: Pigment Black 7

8. White Pigments:

   - Titanium Dioxide: Pigment White 6

This exhibition provides exhibitors with an opportunity for friendly communication and learning. And we are very happy to have attended this exhibition.


If you need any pigment, please feel free to contact us - Fineland Chem.

We are specialize in the production of pigment with more than 15 years of experience,especially organic pigment.

Looking forward to your inquiry!

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