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Red 176, 179-Organic Pigment-20th, November, 2023

Red 176, 179-Organic Pigment-20th, November, 2023

Nov 20,2023

                                                                         Red 176, 179-Organic Pigment

Nice day!

Today I will introduce organic pigment red 49:1, 169 to you,as follows:

PR 176:

Organic pigment red 176 is an organic pigment with blue-red red properties. It has excellent performance and is widely used. 

The characteristics of organic pigment red 176 include:

1. High tinting strength, high purity, blue light red, bright color.

2. Excellent light resistance, high light resistance, not easy to fade, high thermal stability, not easy to change.

3. Excellent solvent resistance, resistant to corrosion by chemical substances, and not easily dissolved.

4. Excellent acid resistance and alkali resistance, not affected by acid and alkali substances.

5. There is no migration phenomenon and will not migrate over time.

6. Suitable for coloring various plastic products, such as polyvinyl chloride, general polyolefin plastics, etc. It is also used in coloring polypropylene fiber before spinning.

7. Can be used in EVA foaming process, with high foaming properties and high heat resistance.

The application of organic pigment red 176 include:

1. Used for coloring high-end plastic inks, solvent inks, coatings, and plastic products to add bright red color to the products.

2. Used in EVA foamed rubber and plastic, powder coatings, concentrated color masterbatch, soft plastic coloring and other fields.

3. Used for coloring original paint and repair paint of cars, as well as coloring plastics, inks, rubber, etc.

4. It is also used in the coloring of polyacrylonitrile puree and polypropylene puree.

PR 179:

Product link:/pid18386058/Red-Pigment-Red-179-Perylene-Maroon-For-Paint.htm

Organic pigment red 179 is a perylene pigment with blue-red properties. It is obtained by condensing perylene tetracarboxylic acid or perylene tetracarboxylic anhydride with different amine compounds.

The characteristics of organic pigment red 179 include:

1. Excellent light and weather fastness: PR 179 has high light and weather resistance. Even when used outdoors, it can maintain the brightness of the color and is not easy to fade or change color.

2. Excellent heat resistance and stability: PR 179 can still maintain stable performance at high temperatures. The heat resistance stability reaches 180-200°C. It can be used in high temperature environments and is not easy to decompose or deteriorate.

3. Good solvent resistance and migration resistance: PR 179 can resist the erosion of solvents well, is not easily dissolved, and is not easy to migrate, which can ensure the durability of the color.

4. Wide range of applications: PR 179 is widely used in coloring fields such as industrial construction, automotive coatings, printing inks, and polyvinyl chloride plastics, and has high industrial value.

5. Bright red: PR 179 can give a bright red with bright color and high purity, which can meet various occasions that require bright red.

The application of organic pigment red 179 include:

1. Used for coloring industrial buildings, automotive coatings, printing inks, polyvinyl chloride plastics, etc. It can give products excellent light resistance, weather resistance, heat resistance, solvent resistance, migration resistance and other properties.

2. Used to manufacture high-end plastic inks, solvent inks, coatings, etc., which can meet high requirements for color quality and performance.

3. Used in EVA foaming technology, polypropylene fiber pre-spinning coloring and other fields, and can meet various occasions that require bright red.

4. Used for coloring the original paint and repair paint of cars, and color matching with other inorganic/organic pigments to extend the quinacridone tone into the yellow-red area.

All in all, organic pigment red 179 has excellent properties and a wide range of applications. It is a high-performance organic pigment.

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