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Application In Masterbatch-Organic Pigment-28th, September,2023

Application In Masterbatch-Organic Pigment-28th, September,2023

Sep 28,2023

                      Application In Masterbatch-Organic Pigment

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Organic pigments are widely used in masterbatch.Today we will introduce to you the application of organic pigments in masterbatch, as follows:

In the preparation process of masterbatch, the dispersant helps to disperse the pigment evenly and finely in the plastic to prevent flocculation during processing. At the same time, it has good compatibility with the resin. Therefore, the dispersant is required to it has good affinity and its melting point is lower than that of resin. 

The dispersants used usually include some low molecular weight and high viscosity grades of thermoplastic resin or rubber substances such as PE wax, EVA wax, butyl stearate, low molecular weight polybutadiene, polypropylene wax, polyethylene wax, etc., and at the same time A small amount of plasticizer can be added to improve its fluidity to facilitate processing.

In the manufacturing process of masterbatch, organic pigments are its main components. Their functions include giving plastic products bright colors and ensuring that the quality and performance of the products meet certain standards. The molecular structure and properties of organic pigments will affect their content, stability and dispersion in the masterbatch.

As one of the main methods for coloring plastics, masterbatch is widely used. 

It can not only accurately control the color quality of products, but also has the advantages of easy operation, convenient color matching, and low cost.

 In addition, the pigments used in the masterbatch need to be strictly screened and prepared to ensure that they have excellent dispersion, heat resistance, migration resistance, light resistance, etc.

In masterbatch, organic pigments play a vital role. They not only give plastic products bright colors, but also have a direct impact on the quality, performance and service life of the product. Therefore, when selecting organic pigments, it is necessary to consider the tinting power, color brightness, heat resistance, migration resistance, light fastness and other indicators of the pigment.

The masterbatch coloring method has the advantages of simple operation, convenient color matching, and low cost. In short, masterbatch has many advantages and has wide application value in coloring plastic products.

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