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Application in plastic-Organic pigment-7th, October,2023

Application in plastic-Organic pigment-7th, October,2023

Oct 7,2023

                      Application in plastic-Organic pigment

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Organic pigments are widely used in plastics.Today I will introduce the application of organic pigment in plastics.

The application of organic pigments in plastics mainly includes the following aspects:

1. Colorants: Organic pigments are one of the main sources of plastic colorants and can give plastics various bright colors. 

Organic pigments with different structures present different colors in plastics. For example, insoluble azo pigments are the main source of yellow, orange and red pigments, and phthalocyanine pigments are mainly used for blue and green coloring.

2. Heat-resistant stability: Some organic pigments have good heat-resistant stability, so they can be used for coloring plastics that require higher molding temperatures, such as polyester, polycarbonate, etc.

3. Compatibility and ease of dispersion with resin: The colorant should have good compatibility and ease of dispersion with resin to obtain satisfactory brightness, gloss, and transparency.

4. Light fastness and weather resistance: Some organic pigments have better light fastness and weather resistance in plastic products used outdoors, so they can be used for coloring outdoor plastic products.

5. Electrical properties: Certain organic pigments have specific electrical properties, so they can be used for coloring plastic products that require a certain degree of conductivity, such as cable materials and some engineering materials.

6. Limit the content of heavy metals: For colored plastics used in food packaging and toys, the quality of heavy metals should be limited.

To sum up, organic pigments play the role of colorants in plastics and may affect the physical, chemical and electrical properties of plastics. Choosing the right organic pigment requires consideration of its chemical structure, properties and suitability for a specific application.

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