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Difference between dyes and pigments -27th, September,2023

Difference between dyes and pigments -27th, September,2023

Sep 27,2023

                                                    Differences between dyes and pigments

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Dyes and pigments are widely used in different fields. Today we will share knowledge about the differences between dyes and pigments.

Dyes and pigments are two different substances that differ in three main ways:

1. Basic concept: Dye is a pigment that is soluble in water or organic solvents.It colors by penetrating into the material. It is often used in processes such as silk dyeing, cloth dyeing, and wool dyeing. 

Pigments are colored particles or pigments that are insoluble in water or organic solvents in a certain medium. They form colors by adhering to the surface of materials and can be used in painting, printing and other fields.

2. Action mechanism: The action mechanism of dyes is penetration and diffusion. By penetrating into the interior of the material, it is colored. The pigment is adsorbed on the cellulose, protein and other compounds inside the material without changing the shape and characteristics of the object. 

The mechanism of action of pigments is to directly cover the surface of an object to form a color. The pigment does not penetrate the object, but reacts physically or chemically with the surface of the object, attaching a certain color and luster to the surface.

3. Application: Dyes are mainly used in dyeing processes, such as alizarin, acid scarlet, vat blue, cyan sulfide, aniline black, etc. are common dyes. 

Pigments are widely used in paint, ink, rubber, plastic, enamel and other industries, and people also use pigments in painting.

Dyes and pigments can give colors and patterns to textiles and various products respectively, making people's lives more colorful. Their application in their respective fields not only brings beauty and practicality, but also demonstrates human creativity and aesthetic pursuit.

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