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Applications and advantages in coating-Organic Pigment-9th, October,2023

Applications and advantages in coating-Organic Pigment-9th, October,2023

Oct 9,2023

           Applications and advantages in coating-Organic pigment

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Organic pigment is one of the important colorants in coating. Adding organic pigment to coating can give the coating various colors and improve the decorative and hiding power of the coating. Today we will introduce to you applications and advantages of organic pigment in coating.

The application of organic pigment in coating mainly involves the following aspects:

1. Decorative coatings: Organic pigment plays a key role in decorative coatings. These coatings are usually used for decoration of interior and exterior walls, floors, furniture and other surfaces of buildings. By choosing different colors and types of organic pigments, a variety of colors and appearance effects can be obtained to meet different decorative needs.

2. Protective coatings: Organic pigment is also used in protective coatings, such as coatings on ships, bridges and other outdoor facilities. In addition to providing an aesthetic appearance, and these coatings protect the substrate from atmospheric and mechanical damage.

3. Professional coatings: In some professional fields, the selection and use of organic pigment is more important. For example, in automotive paints, the lightfastness, heat resistance and solvent resistance of organic pigment must meet strict requirements to ensure the durability and performance of automotive paints.

4. Architectural coatings: In the field of construction, organic pigment is widely used in interior and exterior wall coatings, floor coatings and decorative coatings. They impart bright colors to paints, improving their decorative properties and hiding power.

5. Ink: High-end ink usually uses high-performance organic pigment, which have the characteristics of high tinting power, high transparency, light resistance and chemical resistance. High-end inks are mainly used for printing, decoration, signage, etc.

It should be noted that different organic pigments have different performance characteristics, so when selecting organic pigment, factors such as their chemical properties, light resistance, heat resistance, and solvent resistance should be considered, as well as their compatibility and stability in specific coating systems.

At the same time, the impact of organic pigment on the environment and safety issues during use must also be considered.

The advantage of organic pigment in coating mainly involves the following aspects:

1. Strong tinting power: Organic pigment give color depth to the objects to be colored and has strong color power, which can makes the coating has bright colors.

2. Brightness of color: Organic pigment has bright colors, which can improve the decorativeness and hiding power of paints.

3. Light resistance: Organic pigment has good light resistance, which can enable the paint to maintain the color of the film under sunlight.

4. Heat resistance: Organic pigment has good heat resistance, allowing the coating to remain stable within a certain temperature range.

5. Solvent resistance: Organic pigment has good solvent resistance, allowing the coating to remain stable in various solvents.

6. Crystal form stability: Organic pigment has crystal form stability, which allowing the coating to maintain stable color and performance during processing and use.

7. Strong dispersion and hiding power: Organic pigment has the characteristics of strong dispersion and hiding power, which can make the coating has good coating effect and hiding ability.

Therefore, organic pigment has the advantages of strong color power, good color brightness, light resistance, heat resistance, solvent resistance, crystal stability, dispersion and hiding power in coatings, which can improve the decorative and protective properties of coatings. Widely used in construction, automobiles, ships, furniture and other fields.

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