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Red-Pigment Red 149-Perylene Red BL For PlasticRed-Pigment Red 149-Perylene Red BL For PlasticPigment Red 149, pure slightly bluish red color, recommend for plastic, in soft PVC has excellent migration resistance.1
Red-Pigment Red 179-Perylene Maroon For PaintRed-Pigment Red 179-Perylene Maroon For PaintPR179, high performance pigment, well used in paint.1
Yellow-Pigment Yellow 150-For Paint and printing inkYellow-Pigment Yellow 150-For Paint and printing inkPY150, darker neutral yellow for paint and printing ink, has good tinting strength.1
Red-Pigment Red 177-Anthraquinoid Red For PaintRed-Pigment Red 177-Anthraquinoid Red For PaintPR177, high performance pigment for paint, polyolefin and PVC, excellent chemical resistant properties.1
RED-Pigment Red 170 R2RK,F3RK,F5RK,F7RK For PaintRED-Pigment Red 170 R2RK,F3RK,F5RK,F7RK For PaintPR170, bluish red pigment, is widely used in paint application, shows good color and chemical properties.1
RED-PR169-Rhodamine 6G (CFA) For Printing InkRED-PR169-Rhodamine 6G (CFA) For Printing InkPR169, rhodamine red pigment, mainly used in gravure inks and water based flexo inks.1
Red-Pigment Red 146-Naphthol Carmine FBB For Pinting ink/TextileRed-Pigment Red 146-Naphthol Carmine FBB For Pinting ink/TextilePR146 for textile printing ink, water based/ solvent based ink, also suitable for emulsion paint and architectural paint.1
Red-Pigment Red 112-Permanent Red FGR for water based paint/ inkRed-Pigment Red 112-Permanent Red FGR for water based paint/ inkPR112, a bright neutral red color, is used for various printing inks with high color strength.1
Red-Pigment Red 63:1(Lake Bordeaux 10B) for paintRed-Pigment Red 63:1(Lake Bordeaux 10B) for paintPigment Red 63:1, one of the calcium salt lake types, mainly recommend for low cost paint.1
Red-Pigment Red-P.R.57:1(Lithol Rubine) For plasticRed-Pigment Red-P.R.57:1(Lithol Rubine) For plasticPigment Red57:1, Lithol Rubine red, most basic color, is widely used for plastic.1
Yellow-Pigment yellow 191-PV Fast Yellow HGR For plasticYellow-Pigment yellow 191-PV Fast Yellow HGR For plasticPigment Yellow 191, color shade similar with PY83, mainly recommend for plastic.1
Yellow-Pigment Yellow 183 For plasticYellow-Pigment Yellow 183 For plasticPigment Yellow 183, reddish yellow pigment, mainly recommend for plastic.1

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