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Yellow 81, 168-Organic Pigment-15th, November, 2023

Yellow 81, 168-Organic Pigment-15th, November, 2023

Nov 15,2023

                                                                 Yellow 81,168-Organic Pigment

Good day!

Today I will introduce organic pigment yellow 81,168 to you, as follows:

PY 81:

Product link:/pid18382553/Yellow-Pigment-yellow-81-Diarylide-Yellow-H10G-for-plastic-paint-and-ink.htm

Organic pigment yellow 81 is a bright pigment with strong green light lemon yellow characteristics.

The characteristics of organic pigment yellow 81 include:

1. High brightness: The color is bright and pure, and can provide long-lasting light fastness and weather fastness.

2. Good light resistance: The light fastness index of pigment yellow 81 is level 8. When exposed to sunlight for a long time, the color change is small and the color brightness is maintained well.

3. Strong weather resistance: It can be used in outdoor coatings, plastic products, inks and other fields, and can still maintain bright colors under harsh weather conditions.

4. Good solvent resistance: It has good solvent resistance and can be used for iron printing ink, paint printing paste coloring, etc. containing solvents.

5. Good temperature resistance: resistant to baking temperatures up to 210°C, suitable for high-temperature processing and baking processes.

The application of organic pigment yellow 81 include:

1. Paints and coatings: In paints and coatings, PY 81 can give the product long-lasting light fastness and weather fastness, making the color bright and long-lasting.

2. Plastic products: Since PY 81 has excellent light resistance, weather resistance, solvent resistance and temperature resistance, it can be used for coloring plastic products to make the product bright and stable.

3. Printing ink: PY 81 can be used for solvent-containing iron printing ink and pigment printing paste coloring.

4. Rubber products: PY 81 can also be used for coloring rubber products.

In general, organic pigment yellow 81 is a high-performance pigment with wide applications in many fields.

PY 168:

Product link:/pid18383231/Yellow-Pigment-Yellow-168-Irgalite-Yellow-K-5G-For-Plastic-and-paint.htm

Organic pigment yellow 168 is a type of pigment yellow. This pigment works brilliantly in a translucent greenish-yellow hue.

The characteristics of organic pigment yellow 168 include:

1. Migration resistance: PY 168 has good migration resistance in plastic PVC materials, which means that it will not easily migrate or bleed out during long-term use, maintaining color stability and Persistence.

2. Light fastness: The light fastness of PY 168 is level 6, which means that it has strong color retention ability and will not fade or change color easily under long-term sunlight.

3. Color strength: The color strength of PY 168 is slightly lower, which allows it to be used in conjunction with other pigments during the coloring process to achieve better results.

4. Scope of application: PY 168 is mainly recommended for coloring LDPE because it may cause dimensional deformation in HDPE materials.

The application of organic pigment yellow 168 include:

1. Coating: PY 168 can be used to make coatings, especially coatings for plastic products, such as plastic parts in electrical appliances, electronics, automobiles, toys and other fields.

2. Ink: PY 168 can be used for coloring printing ink, such as for printing plastic films.

3. Plastic products: PY 168 can be used to color plastic products, such as injection molded parts.

In general, organic pigment yellow 168 is an organic pigment suitable for many occasions, with excellent performance and characteristics.

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