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The Show of PY83,PR48:1,PB15:3,PO13,PR53:1-Organic Pigment-26th, September,2023

The Show of PY83,PR48:1,PB15:3,PO13,PR53:1-Organic Pigment-26th, September,2023

Sep 26,2023

               Organic Pigment Sharing-PY83,PR48:1,PB15:3,PO13,PR53:1

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Organic pigment plays an important role in our daily lives and various manufacturing processes. Whether it is the production of inks, paints, coatings, or the manufacturing of textiles, leather, plastics, and rubber products, organic pigments are inseparable from the participation.

Today i will show you organic pigment-PY83,PR48:1,PB15:3,PO13,PR53:1, as follows:

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