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Red 49:1, 169-Organic Pigment-16th, November, 2023

Red 49:1, 169-Organic Pigment-16th, November, 2023

Nov 16,2023

                                                                         Red 49:1, 169-Organic Pigment

Nice day!

Today I will introduce organic pigment red 49:1, 169 to you,as follows:

PR 49:1:

Product link:/pid18379596/Red-Pigment-Red-49-1-Lithol-Red-for-water-based-ink.htm

Organic pigment red 49:1 is a chemical substance, also known as pigment red 49:1, lisol big red 49:1, 105 lisol big red, 1301 lisol big seven, etc. It is a barium salt lake that gives a neutral red light.

The characteristics of organic pigment red 49:1 include:

1. Good solvent resistance.

2. Poor resistance to soap and acid/alkalinity.

3. In soft PVC, it has good migration resistance, no blooming, and light resistance of level 3. In PE, it can withstand heat of 200-240℃/5min.

4. It has good solubility and appears purple-red in concentrated sulfuric acid. It will precipitate with blue light and red after dilution.

The application of organic pigment red 49:1 include:

1. Plastic field: Due to its unsatisfactory heat resistance and stability, its application in plastics and other fields is limited.

2. Ink coloring: mainly used for printing ink coloring, especially for publishing gravure ink. Some resinized dosage forms can reduce the copper shine phenomenon. Special dosage form suitable for water-based printing ink. It is a pigment widely used in water-based printing inks.

3. Coatings: It is also used in coatings to provide specific colors and properties to the coatings.

PR 169:

Organic pigment red 169 is a pigment that gives pure blue light red and meets the color requirements of three-color or four-color printing inks.

The characteristics of organic pigment red 169 include:

1. Brilliant blue-light red: The color of PR 169 is very bright, showing blue-light red. This color can produce very attractive effects in printing inks.

2. High weather resistance: PR  169 has high weather resistance and can maintain its bright color and good performance even when used outdoors.

3. High chemical resistance: PR  169 has high resistance to chemical substances and is not easily damaged or corroded by chemical substances.

4. Good dispersion: PR  169 has good dispersion in the ink, which can ensure that the color of the ink is uniform and stable.

5. Excellent heat resistance: PR  169 can withstand high-temperature processing, which makes it advantageous in certain high-temperature applications.

6. Environmental protection: PR  169 is an environmentally friendly pigment that does not contain substances harmful to the human body and the environment.

The application of organic pigment red 169 include:

1. Printing ink: PR  169 can be used in offset printing ink as a purple variety in three-color or four-color overprinting. It is also suitable for gravure printing inks using toluene as a solvent, as well as water-based gravure printing inks and flexographic inks.

2. Coatings: PR  169 can be used in coatings to provide them with specific colors and properties.

In general, organic pigment red 169 is a high-performance, multi-functional and environmentally friendly pigment suitable for a variety of applications.

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