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Red 57:1, 122-Organic Pigment-6th, November, 2023

Red 57:1, 122-Organic Pigment-6th, November, 2023

Nov 10,2023

                                                                         Red 57:1, 122-Organic Pigment

Nice day!

Today I will introduce organic pigment red 57:1, 122 to you,as follows:

PR 57:1:

Product link:/pid18383412/Red-Pigment-Red-P-R-57-1-Lithol-Rubine-For-plastic.htm

Organic pigment red 57:1 is a blue light red monoazo lake organic pigment. It is a red pigment with bright color and strong tinting power.

The characteristics of organic pigment red 57:1 include:

1. It has bright color, strong tinting power and high purity. It is a blue-red red monoazo lake pigment.

2. The color conforms to the magenta specified in the four-color version, with high tinting strength and good light fastness level 4-5 (1/1SD).

3. Adding Tobaic acid during synthesis can change the particle size and color.

4. In aqueous alcohol media, due to metal dissociation, metal ion replacement will occur, causing the alkaline ink to thicken during storage. To prevent the ink from thickening, C.I. Pigment Red 184 (mixed coupling product) can be used instead.

5. Used in latex paint and plastics (soft PVC, LDPE), and can also be used as food red No. 7.

6. It has high light resistance, heat resistance, migration resistance and other characteristics.

The application of organic pigment red 57:1 include:

1. Ink: Ink has high tinting power and only needs to use a relatively small amount to achieve the desired effect.

2. Coatings: Suitable for various coatings, including architectural coatings, automotive coatings, etc., which can improve the performance and aesthetics of coatings.

3. Plastic: used as a colorant in plastic products, it can give the products excellent color and durability.

4. Rubber: Suitable for coloring various rubber products, which can improve the quality and aesthetics of the products.

In addition, organic pigment red 57:1 can also be used for coloring wires, cables, coatings, inks and daily chemicals. All in all, PR 57:1 is a pigment with excellent performance and suitable for various application scenarios.

PR 122:

Product link:/pid18418479/Premium-pigment-red-122-Quinacridone-Magenta-Y-for-Decorative-Paint-Available-for-Wholesale.htm

Organic pigment red 122 is a quinacridone derivative with a bright bluish red color close to magenta. This pigment variety has excellent migration resistance, outstanding thermal stability and can give pure blue light red or magenta.

The characteristics of organic pigment red 122 include:

1. Bright red tone, the color tends to magenta.

2. Excellent migration resistance, maintaining good stability even at lower temperatures.

3. It has high tinting power and good hiding power, which can improve the color brightness and hiding power of the product.

4. It has good light resistance, heat resistance, solvent resistance and other properties, which can improve the weather resistance and chemical resistance of products.

5. Easy to disperse and use, and can be combined with other pigments to create a variety of tones.

6. Highly safe, environmentally friendly and non-toxic, and complies with relevant regulations and standards.

The application of organic pigment red 122 include:

1. Plastics and resins: It can be used for coloring various plastic and resin products, such as polyvinyl chloride, polypropylene, polyester and other plastic films and sheets.

2. Coating: Can be used in various coatings, such as architectural coatings, automotive coatings, furniture coatings, etc.

3. Ink: suitable for various printing inks, such as offset printing, gravure printing, silk screen printing, etc. In offset printing, it can be combined with other pigments to create a variety of tones.

4. Rubber: Suitable for coloring various rubber products, such as rubber gloves, rubber tubes, rubber shoes, etc.

In summary, organic pigment red 122 has excellent performance and a wide range of applications, providing excellent color effects and hiding power, and improving the quality and durability of products.

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