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Application in paint-Organic Pigment-18th, October,2023

Application in paint-Organic Pigment-18th, October,2023

Oct 18,2023

                                                             Application in paint-Organic pigment

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Organic pigment is widely used in paint and can be used as important raw materials for manufacturing high-quality art pigment. By using organic pigment, paint of various colors can be produced, which are widely used in walls, doors, windows, metal surfaces, vehicles, etc. In addition, organic pigment can be used to create highly saturated, vibrant ink colors.

Today we will introduce to you application of organic pigment in paint.

The application of organic pigment in paint manufacturing mainly includes the following steps:

1. GrindPut the pigment into a grinder and grind it to refine it and obtain a uniform particle size distribution.

2. Mix Add a certain proportion of diluent to fully mix the pigment and diluent.

3. Filter: Through filtration, impurities and insoluble substances in the pigment are removed to obtain pure pigment slurry.

4. Dehydration treatment: Pour the pigment slurry into a dehydrator to remove excess water and make the pigment slurry thicker and easier to process and store.

5. Screening and separation: Through screening and separation, the coarse particles and fine particles in the pigment slurry are separated, making the pigment slurry more delicate and improving the coverage and uniformity of the paint.

6. Drying treatment: Pour the pigment slurry into the dryer to remove excess water and obtain dry pigment.

7. Packaging and storage: Put the dry pigment into packaging bags or storage tanks to avoid the influence of air, light, temperature and other factors on the quality of the pigment and ensure their stability.

Application of organic pigment in the manufacture of paints include the following:

1. Color blending: Organic pigment is the main source of paint colors and can be blended into various colors as needed. By mixing and matching organic pigment, a wide range of paint colors can be created.

2. Color persistence: The color of organic pigment has better persistence in paint. The color will not fade or change easily after the paint dries. This makes organic pigment particularly popular in areas such as architectural coatings, which need to withstand the effects of time and the elements.

3. Improve coating performance: Organic pigment can improve coating performance. For example, certain organic pigment can increase the hiding power of a paint, allowing it to better cover and protect the surface. In addition, certain organic pigment can also improve the weather resistance, water resistance, chemical resistance and UV resistance of coatings.

4. Enhance the adhesion of paint: Organic pigment can enhance the adhesion of paint and surface. This means the paint adheres better to surfaces such as walls, wood, metal, etc., reducing the risk of peeling or scratching.

Organic pigment has the following advantages in paint:

1. High color stability: Organic pigment has high color stability in various media. Their colors will not change or fade no matter in acid, alkaline, corrosive, vacuum and high temperatures.

2. Light resistance: The color of organic pigment is not easily faded by ultraviolet rays or sunlight. This means that paints made using organic pigment will not lose their vibrant color even when exposed to sunlight for extended periods of time.

3. Hiding power: Organic pigment has good hiding power, so they can reduce the number of coating layers and improve the efficiency of the paint.

4. Chemical resistance: Organic pigment has strong chemical resistance, so they can avoid their reaction under certain chemicals and maintain their color and brightness for a long time.

5. Improve the performance of coatings: Certain organic pigment can increase the hiding power of coatings and improve the weather resistance, water resistance, chemical resistance, and UV resistance of coatings.

6. Easy to process: Organic pigment is easy to process and can be mixed with various resins, solvents, waxes and other materials to form a variety of colors, textures and effects. This means that when manufacturing paints, different organic pigment can be used to tailor the performance and appearance of the paint to meet different needs.

7. Environmental protection: Organic pigment is an environmentally friendly material. Compared with inorganic pigments, they produce less pollutants and waste during their production process and cause less environmental pollution. This means that when using organic pigment to create paint, you can reduce the negative impact on the environment.

8. Strong tinting power: Organic pigment has strong tinting power and can give color depth to the objects being colored. This means that less organic pigment are used to achieve the desired color effect, increasing the efficiency of the paint.

9. Brightness: The colors of organic pigment are bright and gorgeous, and there are a variety of colors to choose from, which can meet different use needs. This means paints made using organic pigments can have richer color expressions.

To sum up, organic pigment has many advantages in paint, including ease of processing, environmental protection, strong tinting power and high brightness. These advantages make organic pigment important raw materials for manufacturing high-quality paint.

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