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Regular internal pigment knowledge training

Regular internal pigment knowledge training

Jun 7,2023
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Today we had a training about organic pigment color scheme for the plastic color masterbatch industry. In this industry, organic pigments are commonly used to provide a wide range of vibrant and stable colors for various plastic products. Organic pigments are derived from carbon-containing compounds and are known for their excellent color properties and resistance to fading. Below is a basic color scheme for the plastic color masterbatch industry using organic pigments:

1. Red Pigments:
   - Bright Red: Pigment Red 122
   - Carmine Red: Pigment Red 170
   - Scarlet: Pigment Red 254

2. Yellow Pigments:
   - Lemon Yellow: Pigment Yellow 12
   - Medium Yellow: Pigment Yellow 13
   - Deep Yellow: Pigment Yellow 14

3. Blue Pigments:
   - Phthalo Blue: Pigment Blue 15:3
   - Cobalt Blue: Pigment Blue 28
   - Ultramarine Blue: Pigment Blue 29

4. Green Pigments:
   - Emerald Green: Pigment Green 18
   - Phthalo Green: Pigment Green 7

5. Orange Pigments:
   - Orange: Pigment Orange 34
   - Deep Orange: Pigment Orange 43

6. Violet/Purple Pigments:
   - Violet: Pigment Violet 23
   - Purple: Pigment Violet 19

7. Brown Pigments:
   - Burnt Umber: Pigment Brown 7
   - Raw Umber: Pigment Brown 6

8. Black Pigments:
   - Carbon Black: Pigment Black 7

9. White Pigments:
   - Titanium Dioxide: Pigment White 6

Remember that this is just a basic color scheme, and there are many more organic pigments available in the market, each with its unique shades and properties. The specific pigment selection may depend on the desired color, application requirements, and the type of plastic being used. Additionally, manufacturers often create custom color masterbatches by blending different pigments to achieve specific color shades based on customer preferences.
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