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Application of Organic Pigments in Water-Based Flexo Printing Inks

Application of Organic Pigments in Water-Based Flexo Printing Inks

Nov 17,2022
1.The composition of water-based ink

Water-based ink is a uniform paste-like substance composed of binders, pigments, additives and other substances. The vehicle provides the necessary transfer properties for the ink, and the pigment imparts color to the ink. The binders of water-based inks are mainly divided into two types: water-dilutable and water-dispersed. There are many types of resins that can be used in the former, such as maleic acid resin, shellac, maleic acid resin modified shellac, urethane, water-soluble acrylic resin and water-based amino resin. The water-dispersed binder is obtained by the polymerization of emulsified monomers in water. It is a two-phase system, in which the oil phase is dispersed in the water phase in the form of particles. Although it cannot be dissolved by water, it can be diluted by water. It can be considered as an oil-in-water emulsion type.

2.The application of water-based ink

Water based printing ink / flexo ink / corrugated ink is often used in packaging industry,such as corrugated boxes, paper cups, cement paper bags, drug cartons, clothing packaging bags

3.The Organic pigment for water-based ink

Water-based inks are mainly in flexo printing and gravure printing. Since water-based inks are generally alkaline, it is not appropriate to use pigments containing ions that are easy to react in an alkaline environment; in addition. Water-based inks generally contain alcohol solvents, so the pigments are required to be resistant to alcohol. Generally, benzidine yellow, permanent orange G, BBC fast red, BBN fast red, phthalocyanine blue, etc. are used. 

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