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Is it free to get sample from Fineland

Is it free to get sample from Fineland

Update Time:2023/7/25
Yes absolutely! We have followed free sample policy since the set up of the company, door to door with free freight, it is quite important to start business. Good quotation, then through standard sample to prove our good pigment quality, will have chance to build good new cooperation. 

We are always pleased to offer free pigment samples to our potential customers. We understand the importance of allowing you to evaluate the quality and suitability of our organic pigments for your specific applications before making a purchase decision.

If you are interested in obtaining samples, please let me know which specific pigments and colors you would like to test, and which application do you make, along with any other relevant details. Additionally, kindly provide your shipping address, and we will arrange for the samples to be sent to you promptly.

Feel free to reach out to me with your sample request, and I'll be more than happy to assist you throughout the process. We look forward to providing you with the best organic pigment samples for your needs!
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We are a manufacturer of high-quality pigment powder, committed to providing excellent products and services. We offer one-stop color solutions in various applications. Please send an inquiry with your company name to get detailed pigment information, prices, free samples and delivery schedules. Let's establish a long-term partnership and grow together.
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