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What Is The Difference Between Coating And Coating

Hangzhou Fancheng Chemical Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 26, 2018

    Coating (coating) is a solid continuous film obtained by applying the coating at one time, for protection, insulation, decoration and other purposes, coating on metal, fabric, plastic and other substrate plastic thin layer. Paint can be gaseous, liquid, solid, usually based on the need to spray the substrate to determine the type and state of the coating.

    The advantages of coating are as follows:

    1. Anti-oxidation, anti-fouling, scratch-proof and lasting luster.

    2. Maintain the surface coating for a long time.

    3. Different gloss. No matter how much dust, dirt, and flash can be seen on the surface.

    4. All vehicles can be used externally.

    5. It is not affected by external bad weather and is used as usual.

    6. Reusable. The car that had been coated with the film can continue to coat the surface and further develop the protective effect. And make it shine.

    7. Anti-dung and insect repellent.

    8. Strong hydrophobicity.