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Transparent Yellow Iron Oxide Experiment

Hangzhou Fancheng Chemical Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 12, 2017

Excellent weather resistance of iron oxide is a common inorganic pigments. 


According to the different hues, are divided into two types of iron oxide yellow and iron oxide red. For the former hydrated iron oxide, consisting of simple Fe2O3? H2O, which is Fe2O3. According to the size of particles, iron oxide pigments into clear and general categories. Transparent iron oxide called, refers to the kind of particle size <100nm. The size range is visible light diffraction conditions, so particles appear to be transparent. This test from the given references, please arrange to experiment and experimental design, independent operations. Specific requirements: provided by reagent conditions of selected instruments do not exceed the scope of time limit of 6 hours or less.

 Reagents a laboratory reagent and instrument conditions:

ferric chloride solution (0.2mol?DM-3) 60ml/people 1+1 NH3? H2O (v/v,~8 MOL?DM-3); 12 alkyl benzene sulfonic acid sodium 1%; carbon tetrachloride; pH test strips; filter paper at a moderate speed. B by with instrument: furnace; magnetic Blender; pumping filter device; 150ml points liquid funnel; 1000ml beaker 1 only; 400ml, and 250ml, and 100ml beaker the 2 only; 100ml graduated cylinder a only; funnel frame; 250ml stand-up flask 2 only; grams's distillation head; straight shaped condensation tube; tail took over; mill mouth thermometer; 150ml Pan; surface dish 3 only; Institute Bowl. Water bath, hydro-jet vacuum pump, oven for the public.