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Special Organic Pigments

Hangzhou Fancheng Chemical Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 19, 2017

The main function of plastic food packaging is to protect the food, making it easy to carry, transport and storage, it is closely related with people's lives and health. Therefore, in order to prevent food contamination, deterioration, food packaging requires not only beautiful appearance, practical, more important is to improve quality, to ensure food safety, which is no doubt that it requires more on food plastic packaging. 


Our country "GB9685-2008 Standard" stipulates food contact plastics coloring pigment purity and heavy metal content, such as: heavy metal impurities accounted pigment mass fraction shall comply with: antimony ≤0.005%, arsenic ≤0.01%, barium ≤0 .01% cadmium≤0.01%, etc. other impurities on the coloring agent in 0.1mol / L hydrochloric acid mass fraction should be consistent: PCB≤0.0025%, aromatic amines ≤0.05% etc., for a substance should not be used without the inclusion of processed food containers or packaging materials. Because of different product types and various countries and regions, the current requirements for chemical plastic colorants, some coloring agent for itself, some for plastic materials, while others are general requirements for the product. 

The EU regulations, food contact materials should not cause deterioration of food ingredients occur unacceptable variations or organoleptic properties. Japan and South Korea are required not to use colorants not included in regulatory requirements colorants, unless the product has been tested in some way deal with, which can prevent colorants dissolution or Bleeding to the food. 

Here we recommend several export food packaging materials commonly used coloring agents, for your reference:Pigment yellow 183/pigment yellow 191 are two kind of reddish yellow pigment, pigment yellow 183 is much reddish with comparision, pigment fineness of 220-250 mesh, dipersion, does not migrate in PVC(LV5), with a high thermal stability, reach to 300℃*5min does not change color. accord with EN71-3, AP89-1, ROHS,FDA, GB9685, Recommended for use in the food packaging industry.