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PVC Is A Kind Thermoplastic Material

Hangzhou Fancheng Chemical Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 16, 2018

 PVC is a kind of important general-purpose thermoplastic materials, widely used, including the commonly used low-grade and high-grade special performance requirements such as building materials, automobiles, doors and windows, because of its processing and molding temperature is low, Use a variety of types of organic pigments for coloring, but still based on processing conditions, the end use of colored products such as coloring agent for a specific choice. Of course, to avoid PVC coloring when the phenomenon of frosting. The frosting phenomenon of the PVC coloring can be considered to be caused by the partial dissolution of the organic pigment as a colorant at the processing temperature and the recrystallization of the pigment at room temperature. 

This phenomenon also exists in other polyolefin plastics, Soft PVC material, because of the added plasticizer to increase the solubility of the colorants in which, making it easier to produce frosting phenomenon, and with the processing temperature increases, the phenomenon of frost is also more serious. 

Moreover, because the compatibility between the pigment and PVC is not ideal, especially in the presence of certain additives, this will lead to the supersaturation of the pigment and produce surface precipitation phenomenon, so the coloring of PVC can be different according to different requirements of different grades (Yellow, orange and red) Varieties are: CI Pigment Yellow 61, CI Pigment Yellow 168, CI Pigment Orange 13, CI Pigment Orange 34, Natural Pigment Varieties:

 (1) Common colorants, with good economy, CI Pigment Red 48: 1, CI Pigment Red 48: 2, CI Pigment Red 48: 3, CI Pigment Red 57: 1, CI Pigment Red 57: 

2. ② good quality colorants (yellow, orange and red): varieties are CI pigment yellow 139, CI pigment yellow 183, CI pigment yellow 191, CI pigment orange 43, Graphtol Fast Orange 5GL, CI Pigment Red 151, CI Pigment Red 214 , CI Pigment Red 242. 

③ Colorants for outdoor coloring products are: CI Pigment Yellow 24, CI Pigment Yellow 110, CI Pigment Brown 23, CI Pigment Brown 25, CI Pigment Red 122, CI Pigment Blue 15, CI Pigment Blue 60, CI Pigment Green 7, CI pigment purple 23.