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Products Of Organic Pigments In Plastics-determination Of Mobility And

Hangzhou Fancheng Chemical Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 07, 2016

1, migration (migration): colored plastic with white or light color plastic laminate, and pigments from the coloring products migrate to another article in nature.
2, precipitation (plateout): plastic molding die of pollution and roller.
3, cream (blooming): colored plastic products will rise to the surface over time causing flooding and white.
4, bleaching (clocking): from plastic surfaces can cause loss of color.
Pigment in plastics: what are the main causes of migration?
1, in plastics colouring pigment saturation phenomena existing in the system. (All rights reserved Yuhong pigments this article, if you want to reprint, please indicate the source. )
2, plastic colored paints the movement exists in the system.
3, the pigments in plastics coloring system not fully crystallized in colored plastic pigment migration can significantly affect application performance of plastic products, if serious, makes plastic products cannot be used, more seriously would stain other product and affect its performance.
Plastics-determination of pigment migration decision has specialized in methods are as follows:
(1) test principle: at relatively high temperatures accelerate the rate of colored specimens free of precipitation, and coloring with white sample sample in this snug at temperatures, after a certain period of observation the joint surface white sample staining, staining degree characterization migration level.
(2) the test sample preparation steps and assistive devices.
1. take the thickness of 1mm of color samples, cut to size for 50mm*50mm.
2. take the white sample thickness 0.5-1mm, cut to size for 75mm*75mm.
3. flat glass, surface roughness, dimensions not less than white, of a thickness not less than 6mm.
4. loading, quality not less than 500g.
5. the oven, hot air circulation, long time to keep the temperature 80-85 degrees centigrade.
6. roll, smooth surface of roller-type tool diameter 300-350mm length and 200mm.