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Printing Pigment

Hangzhou Fancheng Chemical Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 14, 2017

The current in the dye industry and the textile industry, the human body has carcinogenic effects of aromatic amines and banned azo dyes in-depth study and was recognized at the same time, there are carcinogenic aroma composed of organic pigments made of paint printing paste Or paint stains, organic pigments have the same harm with the ban on azo dyes, as people talk about another focus.


Similar to other chemicals, the preparation and use of pigments mainly consider personal safety, air emissions, waste water discharge and related waste treatment. Only the physical, chemical, toxic and ecological properties of the pigments can be studied in detail to evaluate the toxicity of specific pigments And its ecological harm, in order to evaluate the impact on the environment, a comprehensive evaluation of various dyes and pigments on the environment and human health potential impact of organic pigments specific evaluation of the "resume" should include the following aspects: production ( Involving starting materials, impurities and by-products), pigments used in the media, the use of pigments, waste disposal.

In general, organic pigments are insoluble, so most of them are less toxic, but due to the combination of organic pigments and other materials, typical organic pigment systems, in addition to pigments, other components such as adhesives, solvents and various Additives also have an important impact on ecology and the environment. With the progress of science and technology, in the production of printing, with no longer just some of the paint, now with the most organic pigment, and in the printing with organic pigments, can make printing look more beautiful, realistic The Here we take a look at the organic pigment in the printing method.