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Organic Pigment For Coating A Versatile One

Hangzhou Fancheng Chemical Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 26, 2017

Organic pigment is a familiar word, especially for friends who decorate or decorate their homes. I'm sure many people only know the term organic pigment, but I don't know what it is. It doesn't matter. Today, I will introduce you to the variety of organic pigments.

1. Water soluble organic pigment

1. Polyvinyl alcohol water glass coating (106 internal wall coatings). The base material of polyvinyl alcohol resin aqueous solution and sodium glass is mixed with appropriate filling material, pigment and a small amount of surfactant. This kind of paint is non - toxic, tasteless, non - flammable, cheap, is a kind of widely used interior wall coating.

2. Polyvinyl formal coating (si-803 interior wall coating). With 107 adhesive as the main film material, it is the improved product of "106", which has a slightly better water resistance and friction resistance than 106 internal wall coatings.

3. Modified polyvinyl alcohol coating. Compared with "106" and "107", water resistance and friction resistance are significantly improved, which can be used for exterior wall coatings.

2. Emulsion type organic pigment

1. Polyvinyl acetate latex paint. It is dispersed in the water with emulsifier by the synthetic resin particles, and the emulsion is formed into membrane material. It is a kind of interior wall coating, which is used indoors instead of directly outdoors.

2. B-acrylic latex paint. The copolymer emulsion of polyvinyl acetate and acrylate is better than the polyvinyl acetate emulsion paint and has a luster.

3. Benzene - acrylic latex paint. The emulsion of styrene, acrylate and methacrylate is a membrane material, and its durability, water resistance and rubbing resistance are excellent.

3. Solvent - based organic pigment

1. Perchloride wall paint. With vinyl chloride as the main membrane material, the decorative surface can be used for external walls.

2. Acrylate wall paint. With thermoplastic acrylic resin as the main film material, it is a kind of high quality exterior wall coating, which can last up to 10 years.

3. Polyurethane exterior wall paint. Polyurethane or other synthetic resin composite as membrane material is a kind of two-component, high quality and high grade exterior wall coating, but the price is higher.

4. Natural lacquer. There are raw lacquer, familiar paint, good performance, hard paint film, rich luster, but anti-suntan, anti-oxidation performance is poor, suitable for advanced furniture and the painting of old building parts.