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Offset Printing Ink With Organic Pigments

Hangzhou Fancheng Chemical Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 02, 2018

    Organic Pigment For Offset Printing Ink Let us first analyze the green (C), magenta (M), yellow (Y) color principle.

    White light - red light = cyan (C)

    White light - green light = magenta (M)

    White light - blue light = yellow (Y)

    In other words, under the white light, the cyan pigment can absorb red and reflect the blue, yellow pigment can absorb the blue and reflect the yellow, magenta pigment can absorb green and reflect the magenta.

    In addition, if the pear and yellow two kinds of pigments mixed in the white light, because the mixed pigment absorbs the red and blue, and reflects the green, so the mixed pigment showing a green, the other two kinds of pigments mixed with the same situation, which is:

    Cyan Pigment + Yellow Pigment = White - Red - Blue = Green

    Yellow Pigment + Magenta Pigment = White - Blue - Green = Red

    Magenta Pigment + Cyan Pigment = White - Green - Red = Blue

    We can see that the above are subtractive color mixing, that is, to absorb the proportion of three primary colors and dubbed different colors. So green (C), magenta (M), yellow (Y) three colors are known as the pigment three primary colors, but also the printing of the three ink color.