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New Organic Pigment

Hangzhou Fancheng Chemical Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 21, 2017

development of new type organic pigments in hair color system

Research and development with excellent durability, high tinting strength and bright new color system. Particular attention to molecules containing nitrogen, sulfur, oxygen and other heterocyclic compounds, forming molecular asked, intramolecular hydrogen bonding properties of the conjugate system, can give excellent durability of organic pigments. Substituents in the existing structure of high performance pigments modified most of substituents in the existing structure of high performance pigments for change or improvement. By introducing substituents on cytoskeleton of basic chemical pigment properties and changes of location, to adjust the electronic and crystalline forms of pigment, to change the color of the purpose.


high-performance pigment technology

Manufacturing manufacturing of high performance pigments route is long and complex, and most necessary in organic solvents in manufacturing, with coarse stiff, coarse crystalline pigment particles, high pigment processing is needed. Therefore improving their manufacturing technologies was an important technological innovation. Seeking less raw materials, process short, wastes less route is high performance paint technology a top priority.