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Effect Of Polyester Epoxy Powder Coating

Hangzhou Fancheng Chemical Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 09, 2018

The effects of different types of titanium dioxide, inorganic pigments, organic pigments and fillers on the polyester epoxy powder coatings were studied. The aim was to provide the basis for the scientific and rational design of powder coatings. According to the China Association of epoxy resin industry experts, polyester epoxy powder coating is one of the most important powder coating products, from polyester resin, epoxy resin, pigments and additives and other components. Although the epoxy resin and polyester resin is the main factor affecting the performance of polyester epoxy powder coating, but the impact of pigment and filler can not be ignored. 

Science and technology personnel to study a variety of titanium dioxide, chrome yellow, iron green, iron red, yellow, fast yellow G, phthalocyanine green, phthalocyanine blue BGS, red BBN, brilliant red, permanent red F3RK, permanent red F5RK carbon black and other pigments, all kinds of barium sulfate, calcium carbonate, kaolin, talc, mica powder and other fillers, and its different dosage on the performance of polyester epoxy powder coating.