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The First Of The Three Trees On Civil Coatings

Hangzhou Fancheng Chemical Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 06, 2017

On June 3, as the Shanghai stock exchange Jin Luo ring, and the three trees paint co., LTD. (sh) 603737, stock markets opened instantly harden, or 43.98%.The three trees paint health since then into the capital market, went on a journey and a period of innovation to benefit.
 The three trees gong listed on Shanghai stock exchange
Do not forget to "make the home more healthy, let the city more beautiful" beginner's mind, and listing of the three trees stand at a new starting point, a new height, also means that with the aid of capital strength, bearing the weight of the three trees of green dream will be more flourishing, pointing to the blue sky.Source, in the spirit of the nature of the tao to derive the three trees ecological culture runs through the three trees products, management, management, and other aspects.Ecological culture, health, culture is the DNA of the three trees having a unique style, is a private enterprise to the crystallization of national culture and corporate culture fully blending, is the three trees advocate and awe for nature.For the single-minded pursuit of healthy, natural, green sublimes the brand cultivation, not only deepened the industry sense of responsibility.
The three trees have always pay attention to the research and development and production of environmentally friendly coatings.The land capital market, the three trees will insist on capital X X X brand culture talent strategy, through the postdoctoral workstation, experts academician workstation and state-level technology center and CNAS authorized laboratory, further promote scientific and technological innovation, improve the environment for human survival, leads the industry product upgrade;Ecological strategy can be incorporated into construction business at the same time, based on drunken beauty companies, health attracts a lot of good, have a dream of young people struggle for a better life, and escort for the enterprise development.Paint "health" as the carrier of the spirit of the three trees are by coating integration, product one-stop "immediately to live" service system, with nearly 20000 branches to give health concept to people, to the society, conveying health energy;With the innovation of science and technology, moving services, three trees reach strategic cooperation with many top real estate, for the same dream forward hand in hand.
Listed for the three trees, is a butterfly changes leap, but also a long-simmering germination again.As founder of the three trees a.j. green said: "don't forget to beginner's mind, the party must always. The competitiveness of the three trees is that ecological culture, is the green brand, is the high quality products and reliable service. The three trees officially entered the capital market, accept the challenge of resources at the same time also will gather more and better development, provide people with more good products, good service."
"Three tree, health family" is the harmonious coexistence of earth, is the enterprise with the development of the society, is the interaction of culture and products to dance, the Shanghai Jin Luo sounded the investors and the resonance of the three trees and win-win.Faith power savings, mission to create the future, the three trees will continue, to the user as the center, with partners and win-win, Shared with striver, on the way to build a global top ten paint brands, paint forceful and gorgeous.