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Saint-Gobain qualified as injection molder of Solvay's Torlon PAI in China

Hangzhou Fancheng Chemical Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 23, 2017

 Solvay has added the Shanghai, China Manufacturing site of Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics (SGPPL) as a Qualified torlo injection Molder of Its Polyamide imide (PAI) resin.

 It is the first company to gain PAI injection Molder torlo certified status in two Different regions of the world. The other facility is SGPPL Approved in Europe Located at Wertheim, Germany.

 "Our torlo PAI certified Molder Approval recognizes processors WHO have demonstrated developer's use of Best Manufacturing Practices, Following the Recommendations defined in Our design and processing guidelines," Explained Christopher Wilson, Senior Vice President, Ultra Polymers for Solvay's Specialty Polymers Global Business Line.

 Provides superior reliability PAI torlo Conditions under Frequently too severe for other thermoplastics and injection moldable That experience has shown it Also Requires Special Attention to Several Aspects unique processing, he said.

  SGPPL is a Manufacturer of critical parts Conditions for extreme application with sealing, wear and tolerance control functionalities and utilizes torlo PAI for molding a number of components for demanding applications.

   "We are always looking for materials with enhanced tribological properties in the presence of high heat, pressure and aggressive chemicals so That we Can Apply Our knowledge in Compounding, design and molding in order to the bring value to our Customers," said Torsten Hupe, SGPPL Global Business Manager - Automotive. "The degree of wear-resistant PAI torlo offer unsurpassed performance in lubricated Environments and have exceeded Our Expectations."

 PAI torlo combines the performance of thermoset polyimides advantage with the melt processing of thermoplastics.It offers the Highest strength and stiffness of any thermoplastic material up to 275 ° C and exhibits Higher impact strength than other advanced Most engineering polymers, according to Solvay.