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Clariant Water-Based Light Stabilizer And Wax Additives Of New Style

Hangzhou Fancheng Chemical Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 28, 2016

Clariant international leader in the field of specialty chemicals company again pushed the new products, with super durability of water-based paint, have a first-class weathering resistance, scratch resistance and excellent surface effect, can be applied to the floor and outdoor. In New Orleans in 2016 water based on the BBS, clariant introduced its unique innovative waterborne light stabilizer and wax additives based on renewable materials, both for more day yet sustainable products, excellent performance. Compared with traditional solution, the latest coating additives improve the performance of water-based paint, makes sustainability coatings feasible alternative to solvent-based paints and coatings formulation system. Clariant Hostavin ® aqueous dispersion in the uv stability performance is outstanding, can help prevent the erosion of wood coatings for climate produce bad effect, such as the base color, lose luster, cracks, finished product blister problem. The emphasis is on, the product also has the highest content of patentability of light stability effectively

Clariant 100% based on renewable materials powder wax Ceridust ® makes water-based wood coatings have excellent scratch resistance, as well as the unique surface texture or soft feel of innovation on the surface of touch. The product with renewable not only food made from vegetable sources of raw materials. Particle size of coarser Ceridust 8090 TP brings high protective smooth surface, comfortable handle, like the original wood handle. Combined with water-based formula excellent scratch resistance, this polymer powder increased the coefficient of friction, confirmed its scratch-resistant than similar products. Small particle size Ceridust 8091 TP is a blend of smoothness and superior scratch resistance. In terms of waterborne wood coatings, the inferior smooth effect can compare with standard non-renewable wax, enable manufacturers to develop the coating more sustainable and top quality. Clariant product line coating technology marketing manager department polymer additives Mouhcine Kanouni, "says Dr." clariant Hostavin light stabilizer and Ceridust micro powder wax can hold